Benedictine life is centred on the  Rule of St. Benedict, composed by Benedict of Nursia c. 500 AD. The Rule expounds how groups of monastics might live in communion toward mutual perfection in the Christian Life. His main tenet:

Ora et Labora

Monks and nuns of the Benedictine Tradition live by this main dictum of their Holy Father Benedict by undertaking practical work in their Abbeys and Communities, as well as offering prayer for the world daily in the Canonical Hours, and in the celebration of the Sacrifice of the Mass.










S. Benedicta, Ora Pro Nobis 

Daily Life at the Abbey

Daily life at the Abbey is one of community and individuality. We engage in prayer together, and individually occupy ourselves in the many activities of the Abbey, as well as opening ourselves to the the public in a variety of ways. To support itself, the Abbey runs the Guild of Saint Alban, where we make our own printing, as well as a number of high quality religious goods available for purchase. In addition to this, we also open a portion of our historic building, as well as the grounds to Bed & Breakfast guests, and for private events, such as weddings, dinners, etc.


The Abbey's life is centred round an Ordo, or schedule calling the community to prayer and work every day.

8AM - Morning Offices

9AM - Breakfast in Common


12 Noon - Angelus

Luncheon in common followed by the hour of None

Work and Recreation

6 PM - Vespers

Dinner in Common

Recreation until Compline

Night Vigils (Matins) kept in Cells

Printing and Religious Goods


Through the Guild of St. Alban Protomartyr, a member of the Buittle Craft Guild, the Abbey makes fine quality, hand printed books, cards, and broadsides available, as well as an array of well produced and hard to find religious goods, made both here and around the world. This apostolate helps to support the monastery financially, and aids in the spread of lasting and aesthetically pleasing religious goods in today's transient world.

For more information, please visit the Craft Guild's website:

Gardens and Grounds

The Abbey is blessed to have five acres of gardens and grounds within its precincts. Pictured here is the Medieval knot garden, in progress, which is planted with medicinal and ornamental plants taken from records of plants found in Mediaeval monastic gardens. Elsewhere in the grounds there is an orchard, a scent garden,a Marian garden, and a fernery in the mediaeval moat. We strive to grow as much of our own food as possible. In addition to the gardens, the Abbey has a flock of chickens, a flock of ducks, peacocks, and the paddocks are home to several horses.

Diocese of Whithorn
Dumfries & the Marches

Abbey of Sts. Alban and Æthelwold

Buittle Castle

near Castle Douglas

Scotland, DG7 1PA

United Kingdom

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