New Bishop for Whithorn

It is with great joy that the Abbey, in conjunction with the Church of Whithorn, announces the consecration of the Abbot of Ss Alban & Æthelwold to the Episcopate, and his election to the Holy See of Whithorn. The consecration took place at the Abbey of the Holy Name in New Jersey on the 30th of September (NS) 2019, and was performed by Metropolitan John of New York & New Jersey, Archbishop Gavrilo of Moravia (of the Synod of Avlona), and Bishop Lazr of Niagara. Bishop James will continue to reside at the Abbey and will have a missionary function as the Metropolitan's representative throughout the British Isles. His full title is Bishop of Whithorn, Dumfries, and the Marches, and he is the 8th Orthodox Bishop of the See of Whithorn. Glory be to God.

Diocese of Whithorn
Dumfries & the Marches

Abbey of Sts. Alban and Æthelwold

Buittle Castle

near Castle Douglas

Scotland, DG7 1PA

United Kingdom

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