Services in Dumfries at the Crichton

The priests of the Abbey have had many calls upon them to offer services, both in the Eastern rite of St. John Chrysostom, as well as in the Western Sarum Rite in the neighbouring county town of Dumfries. Responding to this call, we are pleased to announce that arrangements have been made to make use of the magnificent Crichton Memorial Church, which is administered by a secular trust. The Abbey has started a missionary group to serve those people living in the area who are accustomed to the Eastern Rite, which is to be called the Orthodox Community of St. John the Wonderworker, who was Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, and whose incorrupt relics now lie in Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco. He is widely venerated throughout the Orthodox World, as well as amongst Western Rite Orthodox, due to his unfailing support of the Western Rite within the Orthodox Church.

More information about services can be found on this website. For the Eastern liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, information can be obtained from

The Crichton Memorial Church

Diocese of Whithorn
Dumfries & the Marches

Abbey of Sts. Alban and Æthelwold

Buittle Castle

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