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Outreach and Charity

In partnership with the Lambros Charalambous Philanthropic Initiative

Dumfries Cathedral stands as a beacon of the Orthodox Faith in the town centre. Our faith teaches us that Christ is interested in more than just what we believe, but He is also interested in what we do with that belief. This includes, of course, opening the Church as a place of prayer for the local community, and as a witness to Orthodoxy, and offering the Church's liturgical services, but it also means action in the community - what the Church would call the Corporal Works of Mercy. Our faith is lived out in action, and to that end we are always concerned with engaging in the local community, as well as providing relief to the suffering, always remembering St. John Chrysostom's warning 'if you cannot see Christ in the beggar at the door, you will not find him in the Chalice'. 

Most of our philanthropic work is achieved through the Lambros Charalambous Philanthropic Initiative, which organises funding and provides a vehicle through which the Cathedral accomplishes its work.

For more information about the initiative, click here.

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